by r.s.

2/21/2010 Belgian Strange Brew

3.3 lbs Pilsen light LME

3.3 lbs Bavarian wheat LME

1.5 oz Mt Hood (5.2%)

0.6 oz Liberty (4.5%)

1 oz coriander

peel of 1 orange

1/3 cup whole wheat flour

60 min Mt Hood

5 min Liberty

5 min spices

Ferment with 2 gal of apple juice

instead of water

Add 4 lbs thawed fruit to secondary.

Raspberry or cranberry. Will write back.

Dry hop w/ 0.6 oz Saaz

Used frozen raspberries.

Intense fruit aroma.

A little too tart.

Yeast was not viable. Used bread yeast

instead. Seems to have worked.