by r.s.

So I got greenlighted for my project by the studio, and the first thing I do is call Bill Shatner and ask him to record all the monologues and soliloquies from Shakespeare’s Henry IV. And Bill being Bill, he does it on the first take, and he nails it. Absolutely riveting stuff.

So of course that’s not the end of it. The fucking titpricks at the studio—and I won’t name names but it starts with S and ends with Y and it’s Sony—the fucking titpricks cancel the project. As a result I’ve got this masterwork recording of Sir William Shatner (CDN) performing Shakespearian soliloquies. And this shit makes me cry, every time. What becomes of that?

Long story short (Sony turdfucks), I’m working on getting it released as an album. Anyway, I’m putting the first part of Act I Scene I online now so you get the idea.

The play is a little too long to fit on a single CD, so I compressed it. For home playback, just press it to 45 RPM vinyl and play at 33 RPM. Simple!