by r.s.

Our newest creation is “BLACK PLANET” Belgo-American style extra stout.

Start with a standard dry stout recipe, add 2lbs amber malt extract, add 1oz flavor hops, pitch high gravity Belgian abbey yeast, dry hop with 1oz Cascade.

L.Z. came up with the name. The verdict is YUM.


I was planning to post an angry “memo to starbucks” in this space, whereupon I would advise the corporation that an Americano is espresso mixed with hot water, and that formerly hot water placed on the bar while the barista makes six “triple venti® skinny mocha peppermint” abominations no longer qualifies as hot water.

However, at its resulting reduced temperature I was able to enjoy the aforementioned coffee beverage without even a hint of scalded lips or tongue.

So I admit I was wrong. You win this round, *$s. merry yaksmas.